'90 Day Fiance' Season 4 Episode 3: Does Jorge Have a Record? And Alla Makes a Stunning Admission (Watch)

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It's that time again! Episode 3 of "90 Day Fiance" is here and we're ready to find out which couples are making progress toward the alter and which couples are on the cusp of unraveling. So let's get started.

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90 Day Fiance: Nicole and Azan

We head back to Morocco to see what's happening with Nicole and Azan. Nicole is welcomed to Azan's home but finds that cultural norms keep her from being able to have alone time with Azan. In fact, Hamza, Azan's friend, always seems to be an unwelcome third wheel.

Still, when Hamza leaves, Azan looks uncomfortable being with Nicole alone. Every time Nicole mentions needing to have a physical attraction, Azan looks slightly disturbed.

In the next scene, we do see Azan and Nicole cuddling. Nicole deadpans to the camera that she and Azan had sex. Azan takes Nicole out for tajine.

Azan looks uncomfortable when Nicole complains about the wait for the food. Azan expresses his concerns about Nicole's eating habits. Nicole looks upset when it becomes apparent that what Azan really wants is for her to lose weight.

On Day 3 in Morocco, drama unfolds. The police arrive at Azan's riad. Nicole is informed that she needs to pack up her bags. It turned out that there was a problem with another tenant in the riad.

Still, Azan was worried that he was in trouble for sharing a room with Nicole despite their being unmarried. So they move to another riad.

Azan tells Nicole that they need to limit physical affection because of her concerns about attracting attention in public.

When Nicole and Azan head out to the market, Nicole articulates her annoyance at having to limit physical affection and looks particularly hurt when Azan refuses to hug in public. Azan looks almost grateful to be able to return to his own room away from Nicole at the end of the night.

Once in her room, Nicole breaks down, crying.

90 Day Fiance: Chantel and Pedro

When we meet Chantel, she is introducing her entire family to Pedro. Chantel's difficulty is that her family thinks Pedro is coming to the US on a student visa and the show that they're being featured on is about young couples. The communication barrier becomes apparent when Pedro has trouble answering simple questions from Nicole's parents.

Nicole's parents begin grilling on Pedro on the terms of his student visa. Chantel's dad is particularly worried about the burden on Nicole to support the couple.

Chantel's brother River accompanies Pedro to a haircut. River begins to start asking some smart question about how Pedro could possibly attend school in the US when his English is so limited.

90 Day Fiance: Matt and Alla

Alla's first discovery in Matt's home is that his kitchen isn't well stocked. So Alla, Matt and Max all head out to the grocery store to purchase food.

When Alla snaps at Matt in the grocery store, Matt begins to start becoming familiar with Alla's edginess.

Next, Alla meets Matt's family. Alla expresses her readiness to be with Matt but notes she feels grilled by Matt's family. Matt's family looks concerned when they realize that Alla has always dreamed of coming to America.

Matt himself seems troubled by Alla's response. Still, Matt empathizes with Alla's feeling overwhelmed and takes her and Max home. Matt's family goes on to discuss their concerns about Alla's intentions.

90 Day Fiance: Jorge and Anfisa

Jorge and Anfisa are finally on their way back from the airport. Anfisa actually rolls her eyes when Jorge says he can't wait to grow old with her. She notes that she plans not to wear a bra when she meets Jorge's sister.

She states in a matter of fact fashion to the camera that she doesn't care what Jorge's family thinks of her. Anfisa's list of material needs mount as she makes clear her dissatisfaction about not having an apartment to decorate.

When we meet Anfisa and Jorge again, they start talking about Anfisa's going to be spending her time. She expresses her desire to model. Anfisa says that if she doesn't model, she needs an allowance every month.

She notes she needs at least $10, 000 every month. Jorge says that he's hoping that Anfisa will grow out of her focus on money once they're married.

Anfisa makes it clear that if Jorge can't meet her material needs, she will have to return to Russia.

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