'90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?' Episode 6 Recap: Mohamed Manages to Keep Pissing Off Every Woman He Goes Out With

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Tonight is the sixth episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After on TLC. In this episode, we'll find out what happens to the couples again. Just how do they fare in the early years of their marriages?

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After - Paola and Russ

Paola is in Miami and decides to do a photo shoot to shore up her portfolio. Paola recognizes that Russ might not actually like her shooting some of the shots that she's getting on the beach with her new photographer. Paola talks about how she feels a lot freer in Miami.

Still when her photographer asks if she feels comfortable taking her top off, she balks a little bit. However, eventually Paola's top does come off and she talks about the challenge of choosing her career over her marriage.

Paola notes she feels worried about telling Russ about taking her top off in her photo shoot. Still, she's excited about going out with her girlfriends for a night out on the town.

However, Russ calls her and tells her that he has a job opportunity in Seattle. He expects Paola to be happy and is shocked when she tells him how much she wants to move to Miami, instead.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After - Loren and Alexei

Loren and Alexei decide to go spend the day at the beach with their families. Alexei goes fishing with his father and winds up finding out that his father needed surgery on his spine and his mother's been depressed.

Loren looks upset when Alexei seems reluctant to discuss with her his conversation with his father.

Loren recognizes that it's hard on Alexei to be away from his family but notes that if Alexei wants to remain in Israel, she won't be able to leave him.

Alexei spends time at home fixing things around the home. Alexei's parents ask him point blank if he will consider staying in Israel.

Still, Alexei resists given that he notes he and Loren have started a new life for themselves in the US.

Loren and Alexei decide to get away from their families and have dinner alone together. Alexei tells Loren about his parents' problems. Loren is visibly upset when she hears this.

Alexei asks Loren is she would consider moving to Israel.

Even though she tells him that she only wants to start a family in the US, a good idea might be to sponsor Alexei's family so that they can move to the US with him.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After - Danielle and Mohamed

Mohamed notes that since he and Luisa fought, they haven't spoken for several days. Mohamed decides to meet up with Luisa, who brings a friend of hers with her for moral support.
Luisa and Mohamed proceed to rehash their most recent argument. Mohamed defends himself, saying that Luisa has disrespected him.

However, rather than continuing to attack him, Luisa simply leaves. Luisa notes that Mohamed is someone who simply uses others. However, she refuses to reveal some of the skeletons in Mohamed's closet.

Next, Mohamed calls Danielle because he finds out that she filed for an annulment. Danielle wants Mohamed back and notes that she filed that annulment so that she can get Mohamed back in touch with her.

Mohamed notes that he has no intention of getting back together with Danielle. But he does want Danielle to pull the annulment so that he doesn't have to risk getting deported.

Danielle has a talk with her friend and realizes that she needs to lower her expectations as far as her relationship with Mohamed is concerned.

Still, when Danielle notes that she wants to be able to stick to getting an annulment, it seems as if her friends have been able to get through to her.

Mohamed returns to Ohio in order to have a talk with Danielle.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After - Noon and Kyle

Since we last saw Noon, she and Kyle have moved to Portland to make a more comfortable life for Noon. Still, Noon misses Thailand and wants to move back there, especially because her father has been in poor health. Still, Kyle believes that Noon has a lack of understanding of issues with her green card.

He recognizes that if they stay in Thailand too long, Noon will lose her green card and may have a lot of trouble getting it back. Noon has a hard time appreciating this.

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