9 Hip-Hop/Rap Songs To Listen To When Dealing With Death: Diddy, Eminem, Tupac & More

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With the widespread success of the "Furious 7" film it's shown how people can come together after a loss to help each other heal.

During that healing process there are certain songs that are fitting for the moment, so Empty Lighthouse has compiled a list of Rap/Hip-Hop songs to listen to when someone passes on.

1. "See You Again" by Wiz Khalifa featuring Charlie Puth receives first mention on this list because it immediately addresses the issues of the loss of "Furious 7" star Paul Walker.

The song can be attributed to losing a family member or a friend as well as someone who's been there every step of the way until the day they passed.

It's both sad but uplifting because it's a reminder that you will see that person again in one life or another.

"See You Again" Music Video

2. After the passing of Christopher Wallace a.k.a The Notorious B.I.G., his friend and confidant Puff Daddy now "Diddy," put a Hip-Hop spin on a Sting classic with "I'll Be Missing You." To help him get the message across Diddy enlisted Faith Evans and R&B group 112.

The song talks about missing that special person long after they gone for the rest of their life. It's also a beautiful reminder of how much you can miss someone when their gone.

"I'll Be Missing You" Music Video

3. "Just A Moment" by Nas featuring Quan is one of the forgotten songs about those who are no longer living with us.

The main subject matter is about losing people in the streets but in the preface of the music video Quan dedicates the song to his mother, grandmother and his father.

It's just another song that doesn't discriminate between criminals and law-abiding citizens. It puts everyone in the same light and inspires you to take a moment to silently reflect.

"Just A Moment" Music Video


Bone Thugs N Harmony (Layzie Bone & Krayzie Bones try to explain that they will see their fallen friends at the "Crossroads." The are sure to highlight the fact that everyone has their own time but they will "miss everybody" when they are gone as well.

"Crossroads" Music Video

5. "Toy Soldiers" by Eminem was his heartfelt plea to stop Hip-Hop beef as well as one against violence as a whole. After the passing of his close friend and D12 member Proof.

"Toy Soldiers" Music Video

6. "Difficult" was the main tribute to Eminem's friend Proof but touches base on life after someone passes on.

It's clearly someone who's lost their best friend and reminiscing about the good times they had together.

He speaks about his friends legacy and for many grieving the most you can do is think about the good impacts the loved one has made. It's a song of reflection that will help you reflect as well.



"Life Goes On" was Tupac Shakur's blatant tribute to fallen friends.

Whether it's a loved one of yours or someone you know who has fallen from the streets, "Life Goes On" is a reminder of the fact that there is life after death.

"Life Goes On"

8. As uplifting as "One Man Can Change The World" featuring Kanye West and John Legend was Big Sean's tribute to his late grandmother.

She was someone he loved dearly and the essence of the song is some very beautiful advice that he was given before she passed.

It makes you think about the last thing you hear from someone before they pass or a really good piece of advice they've given you in the past.

"One Man Can Change The World"


Ab- Soul's "Closure" can be taken as a song about losing someone in a relationship, however, the fact that he can't be with the one he wanted because they aren't there anymore fits the build of a sad song about loss.