8-Year-Old Kea PK Dances to Drake's 'Hotline Bling' on the Ellen DeGeneres Show

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Young talent is always gracing the Ellen DeGeneres show and today fans were in for a treat as 8-year-old Kea PK performed a hip-hop dance to Drake's smash hit, "Hotline Bling."

Kea sat down with DeGeneres who along with the crowd was surprised at how long her real name is. Kea told DeGeneres that her name translated to "the moon of the night I was born." At just 8-years-old, Kea was very composed and seemed to have a lot of fun during her interview with DeGeneres.

She started out doing ballet when she was younger but loved hip-hop from the first time she saw it. Kea has been dancing for four years and it looks like she wants to make a career out of it.

Little Kea said that she loves animals and wants to dance for them when she grows up. After their little chat, DeGeneres sent Kea out on the stage to meet with her instructor Matt and the two of them left it all on the dance floor.

The song of choice was Drake's "Hotline Bling" but instead of Drizzy's strange old-man moves, Kea brought out some pretty spectacular moves with a lot of fancy footwork.

Watch 8-year-old Kea PK get down on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.