7-Year-Old Rapper Dylan Talks Hanging Out With Drake On The Ellen Show

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Big things happen after you hit The Ellen Show. For 7-year-old rapper Dylan, things got pretty interesting after he performed at an NBA show and hung out with Toronto's own, Drake.

DeGeneres welcomed Young Dylan back to the stage and expressed how awesome it was to perform at a Toronto Raptors game. Dylan said he loved it and he loved his performance.

They rolled a little footage of Dylan taking a tour of the facilities and meeting some of the players including the opposing Golden State Warriors.

Dylan told Kevin Durant that his mom is obsessed with him and follows him on Instagram.

Dylan also presented Stephen Curry some Ellen Show underwear and freaked out after the meeting.

There was some awesome footage of Dylan's performance and some candid moments with Drake, who promised to visit DeGeneres soon. DeGeneres also surprised Dylan with an All Star 2017 pass to be The Ellen Show's correspondent.

You can check out the awesome footage from Dylan's NBA performance in The Ellen Show video below.

7-Year-Old Rapper Dylan Talks Hanging Out With Drake On The Ellen Show

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