6 Things We Want In the Next Dragon Age Title

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Dragon Age Inquisition was one of the hits of 2014. It received rave reviews, and topped the video game sales charts--selling 1.14 Million units its first week on the shelves, according to VGChartz.

Given these sales figures and a post-credit ending that foreshadows a sequel, we are likely to get a new Dragon Age title in the coming years. I did a piece stating that Inquisition was a wonderful yet flawed game.

What can the people at Bioware do to improve on their latest trip to Thedas? Let's have a look.

Greater Consequences To Your Choices

In Inquisition, you decide the fate of two massive orders and hold the life of an Empress in your hands. Still, there doesn't appear to be much consequence to your actions.

In Origins, you had the choice of tainting the Urn of Sacred Ashes; if Leliana was in your party at the time, she would lash out at you in defense of her deity.

I would like to see a return to this in the next Dragon Age title: Make me bite my nails over what decision to make. Put in multiple endings, and make some tragic for the protagonist.

If that means leaving out the possibility of post-ending free-roam, so be it.

Expand on the Sentinel Elves

Given the hidden ending to Inquisition, this seems likely to happen. The Sentinel Elves were one of my favorite surprises in the game; they had centuries of wisdom and were cynical about their future as they teetered on the verge of extinction.

Make it possible to create a Senitnel Elf as a main character, or make one a possible party member. Either way, I hope Bioware expands on the lore of this newly revealed race.

Improved Cities

Val Royeux was... underwhelming. It had a lot of loading points for a city on the eighth generation consoles, and there just wasn't a lot to do in it.

You could buy some interesting items at the merchants, but the people in the city were bland, and I found myself going there only when a mission demanded I do so. There was clearly a greater focus on wild areas in Inquisition, and I would like to see that focus shift back to urban areas in the next Dragon Age game.

Exploring Denerim and Orzammar were a few of the highlights in Origins.

Take us to Tevinter

We hear a lot about the Tevinter Imperium in what is currently the Dragon Age trilogy. However, we have yet to see it.

Inquisition gave us Dorian, the first Tevinter party member of the series, but I still want to see the country: A region governed by tyrannical mages is a gold mine of possibilities.

More Possible Party Members Than Available Slots

Adding party members in Dragon Age is easy.

You meet the person, let them into your party, and do something nice for your allies who disapproved of the addition in order to get their opinion of you back to its former level--not very challenging.

In the next Dragon Age game, it would be interesting to have the number of possible party members exceed the number of available slots. You live with the consequences of who you recruit.

And if you really want someone in your full party, you have to tell one of your current allies to hit the road.

Make Flemeth the Main Villain

It's the latest game in the franchise, but Inquisition felt more like a set up to the next Dragon Age game than it did a sequel to its predecessor. Flemeth appears at the end of the game as a continued thorn in Morrigan's side.

It is also revealed that she is divine. Her power has been feared throughout the series, and it's time to bring her menacing schemes to the forefront.