6 Ed Sheeran Songs That Prove He Could Have Been A Rapper

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Singer/Songwriter Ed Sheeran honed in on his ability to create deep rooted love songs that will surpass this generation, however, he could have gone another route that many may not have expected in becoming a damn good rapper.

It's been well documented that Sheeran has collaborated or been inspired by rappers such as The Game, Rick Ross and Yelawolf.

He does seem to have a lot of respect for the craft despite not being considered as a rapper himself, which is why it's surprising that he didn't take more of a rappers role in the "Food Revolution Day" rap featuring Jamie Oliver, Hugh Jackman, Paul McCartney and more.

Either way, Sheeran has still shown off his rapping ability on his albums "+" and "X" and to prove it Empty Lighthouse brings you "6 Ed Sheeran Songs That Prove He Could Have Been A Rapper."


"You Need Me, I Don't Need You" off "+," was one of Sheeran's first lyrical display that was molded in the form of a rap song.

What's most interesting about this song is that it does have a braggadocios tone that rappers are known for. He knows that he has skills and this was his moment to showcase for his fans and followers all over.

"You Need Me, I Don't Need You" By Ed Sheeran Music Video


In his sophomore album "X," Sheeran mixed it up on "Sing." He does showcase his vocal skills for the most part but at 1:27 into the song he switches it up completely and begins rapidly firing out lyrics like a poetic rapping machine gun.

You can tell from his deliver that he goes for the finesse and really enjoys showing off a little. The beat also matches a Hip-Hop tone and Sheeran got the aid from producer, rapper and singer, Pharrell Williams.

"Sing" By Ed Sheeran Music Video


There is also the classic track titled, "Don't" which features Sheeran taking on a rappers role for he majority of the song. The beat features a slight Hip-Hop undertone and the subject matter deals with heartbreak and being f**ked over.

He urges the woman in question not to "f**k" with his love in an edgy but catchy track. In an even stronger Hip-Hop twist, Sheeran also released an official remix of "Don't" featuring Rick Ross.

"Don't" By Ed Sheeran Music Video


"Nina" is yet another song that completely fits the bill of one that proves Sheeran could have been a rapper. Sheeran reminisces a love that started out very innocent but turned into something very old.

It's a pretty fun way to speak about the fact that relationships will come and go and if both people aren't invested it's best for one to go.

"Nina" By Ed Sheeran


The rapping acoustic marvel continues with "The Man" another track featured on "X," the album that was pretty much dominated by these types of tracks.

It's a conscious style of rap dealing with the woes of life. The bluesy tone doesn't distract from the fact that Sheeran is rapping for most of the "The Man."

"The Man" By Ed Sheeran


"Take It Back" rounds out our list of "6 Songs That Prove Ed Sheeran Could Have Been A Rapper." This song is Ed Sheeran at his rapping height completely showing off the fact that he's got incredible skills.

It wouldn't be hard to see Sheeran break into the world of "chopping" a style of rap popularly used by artists like Eminem, Tech N9ne, Rittz and Yelawolf, especially from the format of this particular song.

"Take It Back" By Ed Sheeran

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