5 Hilarious Kid Fails To Enjoy

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As a parent you want your child to succeed in school and be the best they can be, however, there are just times where a little slip can make your child the laughing stock of the internet.

To prevent this from happening you might want to go over your children's spelling habits.

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Below are a few spelling mistakes made by kids ranging from grade-school to the high school level. These mistakes might have you scrambling to look over your child's last spelling test or essay to make sure they don't follow suit of the ones shown below.

The photo that started it was was found on Reddit and it was so funny that we decided to go cruising for more like it.

What we found was completely unexpected but shows how the innocence of a child can be mistaken in just a matter or letters.

"Children who fall behind classmates in spelling, who forget words easily, or who mix up letters when writing, are children who need special, loving, considerate attention regularly at home to help them overcome their unique learning problems," according to ChildDevelopmentInfo.

"Forcing an activity on them or making it over-demanding only serves to intensify the child's negative feelings about it."

So, while we poke fun at these mistakes now it's important that parents spend a little more time going over their kids spelling lists so the mistakes below don't happen to them. Check out our slide below.