The 5 Best Maroon 5 'Sugar' Covers On YouTube: Ebony Day, MAX, The Johnsons, Nicole Cross & Tyler Ward

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Pop band Maroon 5 has had some of the greatest radio hits since "Harder To Breathe," now, they've created the infectious radio hit "Sugar," and as most hits, it's been covered widely over YouTube.

So Empty Lighthouse took some of the best covers of "Sugar" on YouTube and compiled it for Maroon 5 fans.

For a slow and heartfelt cover of Maroon 5's "Sugar," you might want to take a listen to Ebony Day's soulful version. The video is just as simple as the piano driven arrangement where Day simply goes through the song using her delicate falsettos.

There is nothing over the top or forceful which always makes for a great cover.

Day's channel is approaching 340,000 subscribers and after listening to her covers there's good reason for such a large fan base. Check out her "Sugar" cover below.

"Sugar" Maroon 5 Cover By Ebony Day

"Sugar" is one of Maroon 5's biggest hit with a huge sound. Many of the covers seem to dial it back a bit especially The Johnson's rendition.

A simple acoustic version of the song is what Clayton, Chantry and Connor Johnson brought to the table in their cover.

They are really able to hit those high falsettos that Adam Levine is well-known for and they embraced the pop feeling of the song with just an acoustic guitar and a single bongo drum. Check out their "Sugar" cover below.

"Sugar" Maroon 5 Cover By The Johnsons

Empty Lighthouse has featured Max Schneider and his cover of some of the top pop hit's like Maroon 5's "Sugar" and each one has been worthy of mention. You might recognize Schneider from the Disney channel show, "How To Rock," but he actually knows how to rock in real life.

His cover features a jazzed up arrangement with powerful falsettos and a wonderful display of vocal control. He makes the track all his own in a cover that would make Maroon 5 proud. Check out the cover below.

"Sugar" Maroon 5 Cover By MAX (Max Schneider)

With yet another acoustic take on Maroon 5's "Sugar," Nicole Cross proves yet again why simple can be much better. Her voice is a bit smokey (in a good way) but contains a bit of an edge. Despite it being a soft acoustic cover, Cross displays some great power behind her voice.

She replaces the falsetto with her natural vocal power. The cover might come off as a bit country for some but it's deeply rooted in the pop genre and doesn't stray too much from it. Check out her cover below.

"Sugar" Maroon 5 Cover By Nicole Cross

Tyler Ward rounds out our top five of some of the best Maroon 5 "Sugar" covers on YouTube with his acoustic take. Like all of the other acoustic covers Ward simplifies the arrangement but keeps the overall strength of the song in tact.

His falsetto paired with the almost whispering delivery of the lyrics through the verses is well done.

It's another one of a kind take which is hard to do with so many covers out there on YouTube. Check out Ward's "Sugar" cover below.

"Sugar" Maroon 5 Cover By Tyler Ward

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