5 Awesome Videos Shot With GoPro Hero 3 & Hero 4 Cameras

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It's safe to say that the invention of GoPro began as an action sports fan's dream but clearly became something a whole heck of a lot cooler over time.

There are many videos shot with GoPro's on a daily basis and we've decided to pull five awesome ones for you all to enjoy.

At number one is one of the more recent videos to appear on YouTube posted by GoPro on their own YouTube channel.

Alex Gray is a pro surfer who set out on a mission to surf some big waves, however, the wave he got into was beyond anything he could believe.

The video is a first person view of him moving through a huge barrel wave in Fiji which ultimately led him to cashing in on some big cash as a part of the GoPro of the World competition.

"Alex Gray wins the Grand Prize from GoPro of the World powered by Surfline for his epic barrel in Fiji and and takes home $20K, a GoPro HERO4 Black, and a year subscription to Surfline," read the caption of the video.

Alex Gray's Huge Barrel Surf

A while back Empty Lighthouse featured a video titled "Run Walter, RUN!!" and it just so happens that Walter makes the second spot on this list. On a hot day in Italy where everyone's looking for a way to cool off Walter finds the perfect way to stay cool.

In the video his owner straps a GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition to his dog and once Walter was unleashed, it was off to the races.

Run Walter, Run

Table tennis a.k.a. ping pong is a petty fun sport on it's own but what happens when it's kicked up a few notches and taken to the rooftop.

In another video posted to the GoPro YouTube Channel, two brothers battle it out by playing an epic game of ping pong on a pretty small rooftop.

The views that were captured were pretty amazing but the first person view along with the aerial shot really shows how intense the game was.

Rooftop Ping Pong

It might seem as if all modes of surprise proposals have been done before but Brandon Strohbehn manages to use his GoPro in a scary yet touching manner. It's always pretty nerve-racking before a man proposes, he always has to think "what if she says no" or "what if something goes wrong." This takes worrying to a whole new level.

During a skydiving trip, one man and his wife take a leap of faith, little did his girlfriend know it would actually be a literal leap of faith.

10,000ft Proposal

If you're a fan of BMX or extreme mountain bike riding the name Kelly McGarry might sound familiar to you. In the awesome video that rounds out our top five, McGarry pulls an unexpected backflip over a 72ft Canyon in 2013 for the Red Bull Rampage event.

Interestingly enough, this incredible feat only earned him second place in the event. However, being able to experience the entire thing from a first person point of view is absolutely awesome.

72ft Canyon Backflip