4-Year-Old Sends A Special Message To His Fallen Father

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This past weekend while many were having BBQ's and family get togethers, many were mourning the loss of fallen soldiers who put their lives on the line for the freedoms we exercise everyday.

Memorial day was especially emotional for one family where a fallen soldier's 4-year-old son sent him a special message.

(Video Below)

There are two videos that surfaced one on the ABC 7 News Denver Channel and the WCVB Channel 5 Boston News YouTube Channel.

It was enough to make you rethink the real purpose of Memorial Day especially seeing little Christian Jacobs dressed in a uniform just like his fallen father.

"I hope for you to come back soon daddy," said little Jacobs, "and I love you and I hope for you to be here and I know you will be here and I love you."

While Jacobs words might reflect the fact that he hasn't completely caught whim of the tragedy, it pulls at your heartstrings. It's especially emotional when you think of how many more children like Jacobs have to deal with the loss of a parent due to war.

Jacobs and his mother were at the Arlington National Cemetery where president Barack Obama gave a speech about the sacrifice of the men and women who defend the United States and countries all around the world.

Jacob's mother says he bares a striking resemblance to his father and that her husband will live on in their memories forever.

Watch the Christian Jacob's message to his father below.