3 YouTube Channels to Watch in 2015

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As we begin a new year there are many things we have to look forward to. YouTube has a stranglehold on the internet video game at the moment and new stars will be emerging.

Channels like PewDiePie and KSI have millions of subscribers and continue to grow each day.

But those channels didn't start that way. Here I will be providing some channels to be on the lookout for in 2015. Channels that have great content just not the following yet.

2015 is going to be a huge year for movies. Star Wars, The Avengers, and Jurrasic Park are huge titles to be excited for. Certainly YouTube is a destination for trailers and news about upcoming releases.

Screen Crush is a relatively new channel that features a lot of cool videos concerning both new and old movies. Their most popular being a series called "You think you Know Movies?"

They take movies that we all love and provide inside/interesting facts as to how the movie was made.

Who would've guessed that the kid from A Christmas Story is also in Elf? Their most viewed version of this segment is of course covering the ever popular Frozen.

There are more than just movies on YouTube of course. A quickly growing brand of videos would be beauty and lifestyle personalities. Zoella would be considered a staple in this category.

Yet again though there are stars that have yet to be illuminated. A channel that has a promising number of subscribers would be

AprilAthena7 .

A lot of her videos are geared towards the beauty and makeup field. There is a big call for these type of videos.

As much as YouTube is a place for games and movies it also features a lot of how to beauty channels.

The final channel that should be looked at for 2015 would be the comedy group known as The Kloons.

Laughing is something that is always welcome in any of our lives. The Kloons is a very inventive channel that provide it's subscribers with laugh out loud sketches.

Something new they are trying out is a episode based series in which they record a mother and aunt having a conversation and then act it out. Below is episode 1 of "Sisters".

The group was invited on Ellen after she happened to see this series. No doubt it is pure genius and Ellen is no stranger to popularity on the internet. The interview is below.

The Kloons are a great example of great content that just hasn't been quite noticed yet. All three channels here have awesome videos and it won't be long before they are on another level of popularity.