2-Year-Old Has The Best 'ALS Ice Bucket Challenge' Reaction

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A 2-Year-Old girl with a British challenge completing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is grounds for laughter and aww's.

The little girl int he video goes through her nominations and then instructs the adult with the bucket to go ahead. After she is drenched she exclaims "F**king Hell" which has social media and YouTube buzzing.

"The challenge, which has reportedly raised $80m for the ALS Foundation in the US and hopefully a considerable amount for Macmillan in the UK, has become inescapable in the last couple of weeks - and now it seems even the toddlers are getting stuck in as well," according to EntertainmentWise.com.

The video will bring much enjoyment to those who love hearing little kids randomly blurt out expletives. Check it out below.