2-Year-Old Cries After Her Father Says No Boyfriend Until 50

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Love hurts but being told that you can't love someone can hurt even more. A 2-year-old is devastated after her father tells her she can't have a boyfriend and the reaction is enough to break your heart while watching it.

(Video Below)

It's hard not feel bad for this little one when you're watching the video. As a father you don't want to see your children grow up too fast.

You especially don't want to hear your 2-year-old daughter uttering the words boyfriend.

That's what little Kennedy Kirkland experienced as she tried to convince her mother Chelsea that she has a boyfriend. In comes the dad to put that to rest super quick.

"Kennedy insisted that she had a boyfriend named Jared, but her dad said that wasn't the case," according to Fox News Insider.

"The little girl burst into tears, wailing, 'Daddy said I don't have a boyfriend.' Kirkland told ABC News that Jared is Kennedy's uncle's roommate."

Jared plays football and Kennedy is under the impression he's her boyfriend. Poor Kennedy is experiencing heartbreak at such a young age and according to her dad in the video, she's not allowed to have a boyfriend until she's 50.

Check out the video below.

Watch the adorable, funny and heartbreaking video below.