17 Tweets About Snowzilla 2016

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With much of the East Coast getting buried in a snowstorm that focused on the middle of the Eastern seaboard more than New England which usually gets hit the hardest, a large part of the country came to a complete standstill.

Dubbed Snowstorm Jonas by various weather outlets, the monster storm has also been called Snowzilla by people on social media.

And, with so many people stuck inside, or at least at home, people had a lot of fun with the hashtag #Snowzilla.

Here's a look at some of the funniest, best, and downright most entertaining Tweets about the storm which was expected to dump more than two feet of snow in certain areas.

1. This Tweet gets to the root of how the storm got its name.

2. This one probably needs a call to the authorities as at best the parents are stopping to take a picture before rescuing their child and at worst, something bad is going to happen as more snow falls.

3. May the Force Be With You!

4. The Empire Strikes Washington D.C.

5. You might get a ticket for this one.

6. Time to go to the zoo?

7. Things are not going well for Frosty.

8. Someone needs a copy editor.

9. Not sure what's going on here.

10. Cats are smarter than dogs.

11. Take two.

12. It's cold, but it's pretty.

13. At least Congress has an excuse for not getting any work done.

14. Probably time to go inside.

15. This about sums it up.

16. This is fairly awesome.

17. I would have picked Mr. Plow over Plow King.