16 and Pregnant: Jazmin: What to Expect in Newest Episode

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Jazmin is the latest feature on MTV 16 and Pregnant. In the sneak peak, Jazmin and her boyfriend are taking with Jazmins parents about moving in together and the future of their baby.

Pretty much like every other episode, the parents are concerned that the guy is a bit of loser and the two kids want to move in together.

Even though a baby is coming, the parents won't budge on the two of them living together.

The rules of the parents are still in place and because Jazmin became pregnant, the parents rules have been broken. And because of it, the once good girl that Jazmin was has been badly tarnished. It's actually really good to see calm and rational parents dealing with the issue of teen pregnancy.

They aren't screaming or throwing things, they are just explaining how they feel. The parents are really just trying to portray that there are consequences in life and that sometimes those consequences go beyond getting yelled at.

On the other hand, it does seem like the parents may shelter Jazmin too much from the real world. Perhaps they could have done more to prevent the pregnancy, but teenagers will do what they do.

This should be an interesting episode, but likely one without huge drama. Strong parents and a young couple experiencing a very big moment in life... stay tuned!