12-Year-Old Boy Might Be The Next Steve Irwin

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Over the years, Bindi Irwin has been carrying on the legacy of her father Steve, also known as the Crocodile Hunter.

However, 12-year-old Miller Wilson might be the second coming of Irwin, especially after the video of Wilson delivering 10 stingray pups.

Wilson's video surfaced on Reddit and was originally posted to his YouTube Channel on December 1. What started out as a sting-ray catching adventure turned into something much greater.

It doesn't even seem like Wilson himself was ready for what he did.

The video is pretty extensive and shows the 12-year-old boy catching stingrays with some serious sized barbs. He also appears to be very knowledgeable about the animals and also appears to handle them pretty carefully.

"For the past few weeks it was pouring down with rain, so it wasn't the best filming weather!! So I decided that the next day that it was Sunny, I would go out and try to get some (Luckily it Was A School Day, So I Missed Out On Maths) Ahah, Nah (Maths Is Good, kids - stay in School haha)," read the caption of Wilson's video.

"After going for a 30 minute walk up the beach, I came back to find a Stingray lying next to my Kayak!! So after thinking that there was something wrong with her, I found out that she was pregnant...

and I ended up delivering 12 Baby Stingrays!! Although It looks like there was only 10, Big Mama gave birth to 2 more off camera, (The Ones Swimming Off At The End)"

It was pretty interesting and amazing to see just how knowledgeable he was about it all. He was also fearless and dove right in with animals that could be very dangerous to those who aren't sure how to handle them.

Check out the video below.