10-Year-Old Piano Prodigy Harmony Zhu Wows Ellen DeGeneres Again

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The world is filled with amazing and talented children. Among those children is 10-year-old Harmony Zhu a piano prodigy who is making another appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show to showcase her incredible skill.

Not only is Zhu a piano prodigy, she is also a world champion chess player and infectiously adorable. Zhu was incredibly polite during her visit on the Ellen DeGeneres show.

When she speaks about all of the competitions that she has won, she doesn't seem braggadocios at all.

In fact, she was genuinely excited about what she has been able to accomplish and pretty enthusiastic in describing her pet parakeet Mozart, or "Mo Mo."

After sitting down to catch up with DeGeneres the little prodigy performed a piece from one of her favorite composers. She was literally in a zone of her own and the amount of focus on her swift hand movements was a wonder to see.

Zhu performed with style and grace far beyond her years and continues to wow DeGeneres and her audience with every visit.

After the beautiful performance, Ellen presented Zhu with a little dollhouse for her pet parakeet. You can check out the adorable and talented Harmony Zhu in the video below.

Check out the amazing Harmony Zhu on the Ellen DeGeneres show below.