10 Magical Ways To Celebrate National Bathtub Party Day

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Did you know December 5 is National Bathtub Party Day? You do now.

This glorious holiday was created (and copyrighted) by WellCat.com because marketing. In ten days, we get to celebrate Cat Herder's Day with WellCat.com. Are you excited? I am.

But today, let us celebrate the bygone luxuries of bathtubbery. Bathtub Party day is in place to remember what it was like before everyone took a shower. WellCat.com's official Bathtub Party Day page suggests going in prepared.

"If you've invited a few friends to celebrate Bathtub Party Day, be sure to plan ahead so you don't have to hop out of the bubbly warmth to pour a glass of wine or serve a platter of snacks," they write.

"Assign each guest a task: keeper of the towels; cleaner of the ring around the tub; trimmer of the candle wick; guardian of toiletries."

Who doesn't want to be the Guardian of Toiletries on this most wonderful of days? Here's a few ways to make your National Bathtub Party Day one to remember.

1. Bath bomb your way to paradise

with this DIY video from YouTube star CutiePieMarzia:

2. Test the sanity of your friends

using "The Bathtub Test." The answers may surprise you. (Warning: Read the rest of this article at your own discretion. I'm probably insane.)

3. Watch "Hot Tub Time Machine."

This ridiculous comedy is purely ridiculous fun.

Watch John Cusack, Craig Robinson, and even Chevy Chase defy the physics of space and time from within the comfort of a bubbly warm tub. You can rent it on Amazon Video for $3.99 (or $2.99 in SD).

4. Be someone who can rock it out in a bathtub like these:

Follow Samantha's board Bathtub Party Time on Pinterest.

5. Jazz up your tub

with a funky rubber duck soap found on Etsy. You'll find dinosaur ducks, bedtime bath ready rubber ducks, unicorn rubber ducks, and Christmas-y rubber ducks!

6. Channel Barney Stinson

in everything you do. It will be legen--wait for it... dary.

7. Take a bathtub selfie

Or steal one from Miley, she has like, fifty, she won't miss one. Promise.


A photo posted by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) on

8. Enjoy the many interpretations of what "bathtub" means

from the wise minds at urbandictionary.com. For example: "Bathtub.

A tool one can use when one's friend is drunk off their ass and can't make it to the toilet. Used to Avoid spillage on bed and any other sensitive item."

9. Break it down to this "Bathtub Dance Party" playlist

thoughtfully curated by soundcloud user Heather Tyme Moonier.

10. Get disgustingly dirty, then take a bath!

There is no better way to enjoy the glory of a bubble bath than when it's much needed.

Why not take today to jump in a mud puddle, clean out the garage, or visit a crazy cat lady? If there is something you've always wanted to do that is horrifyingly gross, today is the day to do it.