10 Essential Coldplay Songs For Any Fan

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The UK's Coldplay has emerged as one of todays most popular bands with over 13.8 million followers on Twitter and countless amounts of sold out shows across the world.

Their success comes from their infectious sound thats ever evolving into something different and below are ten songs that are essential to every fan.

Kicking the list off is "Yellow," the song that started it all for the band. "Yellow" appeared on "Parachutes" the bands debut album that sent them into fame never to look back again.

The song is simple and lovely and comes Chris Martin's delicate voice with a soothing acoustic strum that blossoms into a powerful guitar.

Coldplay's "Yellow"

Next is the ever so lovely song titled, "The Scientist." What makes this song even more special is the visual that Coldplay accompanied it with.

The song speaks on the heartaches of dealing with a relationship that seems like it has run it's course. "The Scientist," was featured on Coldplay's second album "A Rush Of Blood To The Head."

Coldplay's "The Scientist"

"Clocks" is quite possibly one of the most beautiful songs sonically that a music fan can put themselves though.

The piano mixed with Martin's soulful falsetto and relentless drums to accompany both make for a magical listening experience.

It's one of those songs that make you close your eyes while listening to it as you drift off into another place and time.

Coldplay's "Clocks"

Then there's "Trouble" a melancholic song in all of it's apologetic gold.

The song is certainly very much so on the emotional side and maps out the aftermath of someone who has caught themselves in a web spun by their own words and actions.

Much like a lot of other Coldplay songs this is one of the rainy/gloomy day songs.

Coldplay's "Trouble"

Following the same suit of "Trouble" is "In My Place." Mapping out someone who is lost while someone else has to sit back and wait for their partner is exactly what the song does.

The arrangements of these melancholic songs mixed with Martin's voice is just special and Coldplay may be one of the bands who mastered the breakdown.

Coldplay's "In My Place"

Uplifting is one word to describe "Lost!" The track has three different versions. The regular piano driven version that is soft and smoother while maintaining the message is "Lost." "Lost!" is the more upbeat and uplifting version with lyrics telling listeners, "just because you're losing, doesn't mean you're lost." The third version of the song features a good friend of Martin, rapper Jay Z. The verse he delivers is suiting for the song and he adapts very well. Martin returned the favor with vocals on Jay Z's "Beach Chair."

Coldplay's "Lost!"

No Coldplay essential list could be complete without "Viva La Vida." The song was a huge hit on the radio and told a story of a time back when King's ruled the world. The catchy beat is simple but enough to get a foot tapping.

The song was featured on the band's "Viva La Vida Or Death and All His Friends" album. It was one of the more popular songs from the album and still remains a favorite among some fans.

Coldplay's "Viva La Vida"

Coldplay's "XY" album is arguably one of the best in terms of their newer sound. "Fix You" is one of the song's from "XY" that has been used in many emotional videos.

Though the sound is mournful at first, the track transforms into something quite epic with a powerful guitar to bring it all home.

"Fix You" is also a song often covered on YouTube, a few years back YouTuber Tyler Ward and Boyce Avenue covered the Coldplay hit and did it justice.

Coldplay "Fix You"

On "Mylo Xyloto" Coldplay tweaked their sound just a bit but it ended up being yet another successful album for the band as the song "Paradise" received a lot of radio play.

The lyrics are infectious and the sound was closer to their older style but very impressive nonetheless.

Coldplay's "Paradise"

Last but certainly not least is one of 2014's most popular song titled, "A Sky Full Of Stars." The band embraced the EDM sound and mixed it with the meaningful lyrics that they are known for. Coldplay seems to have a timeless sound and manages to camouflage themselves quite well with every new sound that emerges.

Their latest album "Ghost Stories" features a slew of great songs from a band who seems to show no time of stopping soon.

Coldplay's "A Sky Full Of Stars"