WWE Wrestler Samoa Joe Lending Voice In New Transformers Cartoon Alongside Mark Hamill

A new Transformers cartoon is being made and the voice talent is impressive. It includes are host of recognizable actors such as Mark Hamill and even WWE's Samoa Joe is part of the cast as well.

As noted by the Hollywood Reporter, the new show is being called 'Transformers: Power of the Primes'. Mark Hamill is set to voice a Decepitcon by the name of Megatronus.

Ron Pearlman joins him as Optimus Primal and Samoa Joe is playing a character called Predaking.

Samoa Joe himself announced the following on Instagram: "Very happy to announce I am joining the cast of the new Transformers animated series. #PredaKingLives #transformers".

Other voice talent in 'Transformers: Power of the Primes' include the following actors: Mikey Way, Jamie King, Gregg Berge, Wil Wheaton, Judd Nelson and Kari Wahlgren.

The show itself is set to air in the second quarter of this year writes The Hollywood Reporter.

There have been many great Transformers cartoons made over the years, but the most popular one still remains to be the original '80s series.

A new cartoon is not the only thing Transformers fans can get excited about this year. In December 2018, Paramount Pictures will be releasing the Bumblebee spinoff movie starring Hailee Steinfeld as well as another WWE talent with John Cena.

WWE wrestlers are slowly getting more TV and movie roles lately. Aside from Samoa Joe and John Cena, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and Dave Bautista have broke into Hollywood in a huge way.

It's great to see many professional wrestlers expanding their talents to things outside of professional wrestling. Many of them are charismatic if they are given the chance to shine on a microphone.

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