WWE Releases Emma, Darren Young And Summer Rae

The WWE has released many WWE Superstars today. The company is still making measures in order to decrease its budget. The company already got rid of pyro and fireworks several months ago.

WWE.com announced the company has released Emma, Darren Young and Summer Rae. As of this moment, details are scarce so we're not sure why the trio have been let go from the company.

As aforementioned, it could be due to the recent budget cuts. Not to mention the company needs to make room for all of the new talent joining the company.

The release of Summer Rae is not surprising. Despite being a pretty face, she has never appeared on WWE television for a very long time.

There are numerous other women on the roster right now, so WWE had no choice but to release her. Hopefully she is able to do well in the future.

Darren Young is another wrestler that has not had much TV time recently. Young never really got popular in the years he was in the company. WWE tried to make him more likable pairing him up with Bob Backlund, but that experiment failed.

Young is likely going to move on to the independent scene. Heath Slater remains to be the only original Nexus member in the active roster. Daniel Bryan is just a GM and might leave the company next year...

The surprising release is Emma. Emma is very talented and was recently used on television to put over Asuka in competitive matches.

However, Emma may have upset some people in management when she called out WWE on Twitter a few weeks ago due to the lack of TV time.

Emma might be able to do well in the indies as she's still young and active.

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