WWE Commentator JBL Makes Shocking Joke Towards Sami Zayn Involving ISIS

WWE commentator John "Bradshaw" Layfield made a shocking joke towards Sami Zayn this week during the WWE Network show "Bring it to the Table". Even if it was supposed to be a "joke", it's quite shocking what he had to say about Sami Zayn.

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JBL in his own words said that "I would rather be captured by ISIS, than have to have dinner with Sami Zayn". You can clearly see that it was supposed to be a joke as Corey Graves can be seen laughing. Peter Rosenberg on the other side of the table seemed like he wanted to just avoid the topic altogether.

If you own the WWE Network, you can watch his jokes from the 25 minute mark in Bring it to the Table. He even said another joke. He said: "I would rather be water boarded, than to sit down and talk wrestling with Sami Zayn". The weird part about the jokes is that it aired in-between the commercial break. The jokes show up after an NXT commercial and just before the Backlash promo. To me, maybe these jokes were not supposed to go on air, but they did anyway.

To kind of be fair on JBL, the man makes tasteless jokes to anyone. On the same show, he said if Peter Rosenberg was drowning, he'd throw a bowling ball at him. Again, this is a rude joke but Rosenberg himself didn't seem to be offended as he just laughed it off.

As of right now, Sami Zayn has yet to respond to the comments made towards him by JBL. The WWE is currently touring Europe and Sami Zayn has yet to update his Twitter status. Smackdown Live airs later tonight so it will be interesting to see if Zayn ever confronts JBL about the "jokes" he made. You can watch his joke thanks to a Twitter user that uploaded the video.

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