Why Did Trump Get So Many Twitter Bots To Follow Him This Week?

According to numerous reports, Donald Trump's Twitter account has grown by millions of followers in recent days. Previously, Trump's Twitter growth was relatively steady. So it's interesting to see such dramatic growth over such a short period of time. But what's more interesting is the fact that the vast majority of these new followers are apparently bots, based on their username and profile -- fake computerized followers. So what's going on?

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[NOTE: This story had a major error in the number of followers that the account increased by. We have corrected the error, and apologize for it.]

Now, Trump has over 30 million followers. This growth is unlike what we have seen in the past. So we decided to do some investigation into who Trump's new followers are.

In our audit, we found that most of the new followers that Trump is received are people with no names (or dictionary word names) and a number appended.

Very few of Trump's new followers have ever tweeted, and most don't have a photo. And many of the followers aren't following anybody except Trump.

In fact, Trump currently has 14.8 million fake followers, according to Twitteraudit.com.

So what could be the reasoning for this giant surge in Twitter followers?

We know that Russia has used fake Twitter followers in the past as a way to spread disinformation. It's unclear if Trumps followers on other social platforms have also increased in this way. There are different explanations for why this may have happened. For example, Trump's war room team may be using the additional bot followers to trick the Twitter algorithm into trending/promoting Trump's messages.

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