Who is Robert Mueller? About The New Special Counsel For Trump/Russia

This evening, the Deputy Director of the Department of Justice, Rod Rosenstein, made headlines for appointing a "special counsel" to take over the investigation into the Trump campaign's ties to Russia.

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So who is Robert Mueller? What is his background? What is he worth? Read on

Who is Robert Mueller?

Robert Mueller is from New York City.

After completing high school, Mueller went to Princeton, and NYU, and then he went and got his law degree from University of Virginia. Mueller graduated from college and then went to the military.

Mueller joined the Marines and was a Vietnam war vet. He served for several years before returning to the United States and joining the government.

As a government lawyer, Mueller worked as a U.S. attorney in both San Francisco and in Boston. He then moved on to work in a law firm in Boston, before returning to government again.

Robert Mueller Work History

Years later, Mueller joined the DOJ, and worked on some important cases, including mob cases, and Pan AM 103, among others. Mueller was then asked to join the FBI as its director by George W. Bush. President Obama asked him to stay on as director, until he was succeeded by James Comey.

Mueller has a long history of working with James Comey. He and Comey stood up to the Bush administration, when they threatened to step down because of warrantless wiretapping.

After completing his FBI assignment, Mueller left government again to work at WilmerHale. At the time, he also worked as a professor at Stanford. According to The Squander, Mueller's net worth is estimated at around $8 million in 2017, similar to Sally Yates and James Comey.

Robert Mueller Investigation

Robert Mueller is known for his serious and non-partisan investigations. He worked in many prosecutions over his time in government, and he has been known for being a straight-edge person.

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