Watch Unhinged Donald Trump Exchange Insults With German Reporters

Donald Trump didn't take being questioned by a German reporter lightly today, during a press conference with Angela Merkel. The reporter, who asked Trump about why he believes in isolationism, was called 'fake news' by Trump. Trump also sarcastically said that she was a "nice reporter."

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You could see the discomfort on Angela Merkel's face when Christina Jones from the German Press Agency questioned Donald Trump's attitudes toward the EU and globalization. After an extremely softball question given to Trump, Merkel called upon a reporter who was unwilling to throw a softball. Instead, she asked Trump why he attacks the media and calls it fake. Here is part of the question:

Why are you so scared by diversity in the news the media...that you speak so often of fake news, and of things that cannot be proven like the wiretaps by President Obama

Of course, Trump did not respond to the question of wiretaps, and the next question was again a softball by the American media.

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In response, Trump did say "I don't know what newspaper you're reading but I guess that would be another example of -- as you say -- fake news." Given Trump's reactions, Angela Merkel is likely in for a rough rest of the day.

You can watch the entire exchange below, including Angela Merkel's response to the question:

Trump was later asked about his lies about wiretapping by another German reporter. He made a joke about Angela Merkel being wiretapped, and then he went on to blame FOX News for making up the wiretapping story...may not be a great idea to blame your biggest supporters for your problems:

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