Trump Offered To Testify Under Oath Weeks Ago -- Why Isn't Anyone Asking Him To Do So?

On June 9th, President Donald Trump met with the president of Romania, Klaus Iohannis, at the White House. And after the meeting, both Trump and Iohannis appeared on the White House front lawn to take press questions.

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Of course, as is always the case with this White House, the questions turned to the many scandals involving Trump. One reporter started questioning Trump on the James Comey testimony. The reporter mentioned that Comey testified under oath, and Trump was disputing Comey's sworn testimony.

In response, Trump said that he would testify under oath:

Q And did he ask for a pledge of loyalty from you? That's another thing he said.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: No, he did not.

Q So he said those things under oath. Would you be willing to speak under oath to give your version of those events?

PRESIDENT TRUMP: One hundred percent. I didn't say under oath -- I hardly know the man. I'm not going to say, I want you to pledge allegiance. Who would do that? Who would ask a man to pledge allegiance under oath? I mean, think of it. I hardly know the man. It doesn't make sense. No, I didn't say that, and I didn't say the other.

But since then, there has been no word from Congress -- even Democrats -- about that. Not one major Democratic leader has brought up Trump's promise, and nobody making any effort to invite Trump to testify.

And while lawmakers like Dianne Feinstein and Elijah Cummings have sent numerous letters to Senate and House leadership asking for testimony for all sorts of other people involved in Trump-Russia, they have all apparently given Trump a pass...

So why is nobody asking Trump to testify?

There is no real precedent for a president to testify in this way before Congress. And there is no way that Republicans would allow a subpoena to be sent out. However, since Trump made the offer, it makes sense for a Democrat to at least write a letter requesting Trump's appearance.

We reached out to multiple Democratic members of Congress but didn't receive any response. We'll update this story if we do.

That being said, Trump has a history of lying under oath, so even if he does testify, it's unlikely that there would be any useful information provided.

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