Trump: 'Let It Be An Arms Race,' Will He Get Us Into Nuclear War? (Watch)

Today on MSNBC's Morning Joe, Donald Trump made a comments that may be more ridiculous than any statement he has made in the past. When asked about his tweets on nukes, Trump told the Morning Joe hosts: "let it be an arms race...we will outmatch at every pass, and outlast them all."

This is an unfathomable statement. Even the Morning Joe hosts were shocked at what Trump said. To restart a arms race that forced a generation of Americans (and others around the world) have to do nuclear war drills and live in fear is quite possibly crazier than anything he has said in the past.

You can watch the video here:

Yesterday we wrote about his "counselor" Kellyanne Conway and her visit to The Rachel Maddow Show. Conway originally tried to say that we need to increase nukes because of "Berlin" -- as if we would nuke Berlin to stop terrorists. She then pivoted and said Trump is "not changing policy by tweet." It's unclear what kind of twisted logic she will have to use today in order to reconcile that statement with Trump's.

During the interview, she demonstrated the Trump team's understanding of nukes:

After Conway said that she counseled Trump on the nuke issue, Maddow asked a simple question: "Who has the most nuclear weapons, after us and Russia?" The response: "I don't know...but I'm sure he [Trump] does."

We wouldn't be so sure he does.

So is Trump upending decades of policy (supported by both parties) via tweet (and phone call)? We will have to see what happens when Trump's handlers get ahold of him and try to deescalate (read: un-crazy) the situation.

Unfortunately, as a commentator on Morning Joe noted, Trump loves instability. We're in totally unpresidented waters. Get ready for a lot of that over the next few years.