Taylor Swift Giving Fans A Chance To Get Tour Tickets Before Scalpers

When it comes to buying concert tickets, it can be a struggle because legitimate fans sometime miss out thanks to the combination of bots and scalpers. Well Taylor Swift is giving her fans a chance to get tickets to try and beat scalpers who are just out there trying to make a quick buck.

Taylor Swift announced on on her official website more details on how fans can participate in getting tickets. It is something unique to ensure real fans get tickets to her shows. You can read more in the announcement posted down below.

Taylor Swift is committed to getting tickets into the hands of fans...NOT scalpers or bots. So she's collaborating with Ticketmaster #VerifiedFan to create an exclusive program to help YOU get the best access to tickets in North America, in a really fun way. Once you register, improve your place in line by participating in boost activities until initial registration closes on Nov 28.

It's a unique program where you have to prove how much of a fan you are of her. In order to increase your chances to get tickets, you have to do a lot of activities. This may include watching her music videos, buying her album, or buying other types of merchandise. The more activities you do, you will be put further in line to get tickets. Let's just say you have to be a BIG fan of hers to get early tickets. Scalpers might avoid doing this because they will have to be fans to shell out extra money to purchase her album and other merchandise.

A tour for Taylor Swift is expected to happen throughout 2018 to support the new album called "Reputation". The album will be released on November 10th, 2017. The first music video from the single called "Look What You Made Me Do" will debut this Sunday at the Video Music Awards.

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