Taylor Swift Is Earning Lots Of Money Being Back On Spotify And Other Streaming Services

Taylor Swift initially removed all of her songs from Spotify and other streaming services as a protest to highlight the fact that artists don't earn much money that way.

Ironically since she has returned to Spotify, she is actually earning lots of money being back to streaming services.

According to estimates by Billboard, Taylor Swift may have earned herself nearly $400,000 in just one week since she returned to streaming services earlier this month.

This is mainly because streaming services offer a little bit more money per stream and Spotify is becoming more widely used by people around the world.

If the $400,000 manages to keep up, Swift can earn herself lots of money just from her back catalog alone.

Not too shabby since she is already one of the highest earning musical artists in recent memory. She is also one of the most charitable celebrities out there so she isn't going to just keep the money all to herself.

All of Swift's five albums are available in full on Spotify. This includes the deluxe editions that has the bonus songs too.

It's great to see her available on Spotify again as it makes it easier for you to go back and listen to all of the songs that she has released to date.

It's easier than having to download and purchase all of her songs via iTunes or getting all of the CDs.

Streaming is pretty much the future of entertainment in the music industry. CD sales have fallen each year and it's much easier just listening to songs online.

YouTube is also a platform where many people listen to songs on a daily basis. Music videos are still the most watched videos on YouTube as they earn millions or billions of views.

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