The Rock Calls CM Punk In The Middle Of A WWE Ring

The Rock was in Los Angeles this week to film his new movie called "Fighting With My Family". He was at WWE Raw to film the finale of the film. To hype up the crowd, The Rock did something very daring and called CM Punk's cellphone in front of thousands of fans at the Staples Center.

The reason The Rock called CM Punk on the phone is because he was going to film the scene where Paige is winning the Divas title against AJ Lee. AJ Lee is of course CM Punk's wife so the people in the arena starting chanting his name. Sadly neither the real Paige or AJ Lee were in the arena because the movie will be using other actresses to portray them.

Anyway, The Rock called CM Punk but the cellphone went to his voicemail. The Rock then left him a message saying that 20,000 fans are chanting his name right now. The only reason this is significant is because CM Punk is still ill towards the WWE after he left the company back in 2014. If there's one person in the world that might convince him to come back, it would be The Rock.

CM Punk actually received The Rock's voicemail as seen in the tweet below. He thanked the fans in Los Angeles for chanting his name. CM Punk was actually in the middle of walking his dog Larry when The Rock tried to call him.

As for the movie Fighting With My Family, reports from the crowd say that the fans actually booed since the real Paige and AJ Lee weren't wrestling. The Rock and his production crew actually filmed the match in front of the crowd. It's highly likely they will edit out the boos in the actual movie and add in cheers. Anyway, you can watch the hilarious video of The Rock calling CM Punk below courtesy of Nathan Barnatt on YouTube.

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