Miley Cyrus Clarifies Statement On Hip-Hop Music

Miley Cyrus recently upset fans of hip-hop when she took a shot at the musical genre for being sexist in a recent interview with Billboard. She has now responded to the backlash and clarified her statements in the interview.

Anyway, in the Billboard interview she said she doesn't listen to hip-hop music anymore apart from new material by Kendrick Lamar.

She basically said that hip-hop music is usually about being rich and asking girls to give them blow jobs basically. This upset fans of the musical genre as they felt she was unfairly labeling hip-hop in a negative light.

Cyrus has since gone on Instagram to address the statements that she made two days earlier.

She says the full interview was not posted and her words were taken out of context. You can read some of her comments on the subject below.

So, to be clear I respect ALL artists who speak their truth and appreciate ALL genres of music (country , pop , alternative .... but in this particular interview I was asked about rap) I have always and will continue to love and celebrate hip hop as I've collaborated with some of the very best!

She then goes on to say that she now likes to listen to my positive and uplifting rap music. She says it's important for artists now to create lyrics that inspire the next generation.

In other words, she now listens to music that has a positive message. She still likes hip-hop music, but she just doesn't like listening to the songs that are sexist.

Cyrus is soon going to release her sixth album which will have the song called 'Malibu' in it. You can expect to see and hear more of Cyrus when she will promote the new album later this year.

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