Maroon 5 and Vivoom Give Fans A Chance To Jump Into The 'Cold' Music Video

Maroon 5 has become the first band ever to offer fans a spot in their latest music video virtually. With their new single "Cold," viewers can put themselves directly into scenes of the video for up to 15 seconds.

To create this first-of-its-kind experience, the band has partnered with Vivoom. Vivoom's platform enables Maroon 5 to add Shared Media capabilities into the band's YouTube, Facebook, Facebook Messenger Chatbot, Twitter and other channels. The music lover can seamlessly create and share video content that puts the fan directly in the band's new music video "Cold" and then share it instantly across the fan's social and messaging channels.

"As a band we are always looking for new and exciting ways to engage with our fans," says Maroon 5.

"Vivoom's Shared Media technology allows our fans to put themselves in our new 'Cold' video, and then share it instantly with their friends which is exciting and a cool thing for us to be a part of."

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Maroon 5 launched the video for their new single "Cold" after their performance on Ellen on February 15 at 2 PM PST. Fans were then immediately able to insert themselves in the new Maroon 5 video. Maroon 5's management and Interscope Records were also blasting the info to their respective fan lists.

"Partnering with multi-platinum, Grammy-Award winning band Maroon 5 is a great opportunity for us," says Jeff Walker CMO/EVP Business Development, Vivoom.

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"Our Shared Media platform really excited the band given their immense social following. Vivoom makes it easy for their fans to seamlessly share personalized content across multiple social and messaging platforms with friends right from the band's own channels. This aligns perfectly with Maroon 5's goal of quickly establishing scale and reach at launch," he added.

You can click here to join in on the fun.