'Justice League' Runtime Brings More Concerns

If there is anything we have learned from DC is that they are surely struggling to keep up with Marvel's films. Some of the most anticipated films have been met with heavy criticism including Suicide Squad and Batman V.

Superman. Now with what some are calling one of the biggest hailmary passes for the struggling universe, it has been revealed that the runtime for Justice League is just 119 minutes.

"That means Justice League is much shorter than Man of Steel (143 minutes), Batman v Superman (151 minutes), and Wonder Woman (141 minutes)," according to Mashable.

While the runtime hasn't really affected the overall response to the film, it certainly has us questioning how this film will be structured.

Wonder Woman has been the only exception to the DC universe when it comes to the mercy of fans and critics.

Now, Justice League has the potential to continue what Wonder Woman did, which is, potentially saving the DC universe from a painful demise.

To do that, the film has to introduce characters including, Aquaman, Cyborg and The Flash and with such a small runtime, it is becoming much harder to see how they can do that in just 119 minutes. Of course, the film has a good base with Wonder Woman and Batman having a head-start after finding the files and teasing them in the Batman V.

Superman film. The recruitment period could be rushed but until the film is actually released, there can only be speculation here.

Ultimately, we, like anyone else will have to wait until the Justice League film arrives to see what they managed to pack into 119 minutes.

Most of us are hoping that for the sake of DC and some of the greatest comic book characters ever, it actually succeeds.

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