Journalist Louise Mensch Claims There's A Sealed Indictment Against Trump - Is It True?

This evening, investigative journalist Louise Mensch dropped a bombshell on Twitter. According to a posting on her site, Patribotics, there exists a sealed indictment against Donald Trump, but it can't be enacted due to technical reasons.

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That seems pretty far-fetched...But could it be true?

Louise Mensch Claims There's A Sealed Indictment

Mensch and her co-author Claude Taylor posted the following today on their site:

Separate sources with links to the intelligence and justice communities have stated that a sealed indictment has been granted against Donald Trump.

While it is understood that the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution means that, until Mr. Trump is impeached, he cannot be prosecuted, sources say that the indictment is intended by the FBI and prosecutors in the Justice Department to form the basis of Mr. Trump's impeachment.

Could this be true?

Although Mensch has a large following online, and has appeared on TV in numerous outlets, she has made extremely questionable claims several times regarding Trump.

Some of the questionable claims: That Putin murdered Andrew Breitbart to help Steve Bannon; that Russia planted emails on Anthony Weiner's computer; that Bannon and his team were responsible for bomb threats at Jewish community centers.

Mensch has been called a "conspiracy queen" and by multiple news outlets. And The Intercept writes this about her:

One of the most popular online conspiracists among Democrats is now the former Tory member of the UK Parliament and current Murdoch-rag-writer Louise Mensch, whose history of public humiliations and pure bigotry is far too long to chronicle.

But because she has now turned her deranged behavior to peddling any and all conspiracies about Trump and Russia, she has built a huge Twitter following among Democrats convinced that all of their critics are Kremlin spies and anyone who dies was murdered by the Putin/Trump axis to protect their conspiratorial cover-up.

However, Mensch hasn't always gotten things wrong. In fact, according to The Guardian, she was the first to publish information about a warrant obtained to investigate contacts between the Trump team and Russia.

In terms of Mensch's main argument that the Supremacy Clause makes it necessary to impeach the President before anything can be done with the sealed indictment: that claim is tenuous at best. Well known attorney Seth Abramson made this statement about Mensch's claim:

Uh... not how the FISA court works. At all. Signed, An Actual Attorney...The FISA court doesn't convene grand juries, either. I said it before, I'll say it again: don't get your legal news from non-attorneys....I want and need hope as much as anyone else, but these are literally nonsense words. They make *no* legal sense.

Given all of this, it's possible that Mensch is correct about her latest theory, but we would take her theories with a bit more than a grain (more like a shaker) of salt.

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