Howard Stern Talks Wack Pack, Plays Mick the Nerd 'Would You Rather'?

Today on The Howard Stern Show on SiriusXM, Howard Stern brought us up to date on members of his "Wack Pack," including Underdog-lady, Elephant Boy, and Mick the Nerd.

Howard Stern on Elephant Boy

The first update we got was on Elephant Boy (Fred). Shuli talked to him recently on the phone, and he said that Elephant Boy needs a pacemaker. Howard and the crew weren't able to determine what was wrong with Elephant Boy, but apparently he needed to be rushed to the hospital.

That got Howard to start discussing the fact that they never found out what Elephant Boy's actual speech impediment is. Howard thinks that when the EMTs came for his heart condition, they probably thought he had a stroke.

We find out that apparently Elephant Boy considered finding out why he had a speech impediment, but never got around to it.

Howard Stern on Underdog Lady

Shuli also called Underdog Lady about her Thanksgiving feast. She says she has portioned out her feast, but she'll be the only one attending. She rattles off a bunch of courses that she will eat, including a tuna appetizer, roast beef and pork mains, and either raisins or cake for dessert.

Howard asks, "do we know how many animals are gonna die to feed her? ... It's like Noah's Ark in her belly."

Howard Stern on Mick the Nerd

Last, Howard updates us on Mick the Nerd. We find out about Mick's job -- taking care of his parents' joke of a garden, which is mostly weeds. Mick is also still working on his "stick figure" comic book. Mick also admits his ego is getting big because of his fame.

Howard then plays 'Would You Rather' about Mick with a caller. The first question: would you rather hook up with a girl or be the first to see the new Star Wars movie? Mick's response: hooking up -- "every new Star Wars movie...yeah that's a real crapshoot there." The caller guessed wrong.

The next questions:

1) Would Mick rather have a lifelong career or meet a dragon? Mick chose the career, although he asked if he could be friends with the dragon.

2) "Finger a girl or play your favorite computer game with her?" Mick chooses the former, because "we'd just take turns playing the characters, and that's just hell."

3) A BJ from Scarlett Johansson, or own a piece of the Millennium Falcon? "Scarlett Johansson is married right now so that would be Millennium Falcon."

4) A 9-inch male organ, or a light saber? Mick says he's "doing okay" with 5.5 inches, so he'll take the light saber.

5) "George Takei or William Shatner?" Mick like George Takei.

The caller ends up winning the game because he got more than 50% right.