JD Harmeyer Gets Engaged on Twitter, And Howard Stern is Not Happy (Listen)

This morning on The Howard Stern Show, JD Harmeyer was on to tell everyone about how he popped the question last night.

With a little promotion for Steven Singer, JD tweeted about the engagement:

Howard wasn't happy with the fact that JD did his announcement on Twitter instead of on his show. Howard thought that JD was being a bad friend/team member because he was trying to use the engagement for his own publicity instead of for The Howard Stern Show.

Saying "your loyalty is to me, not Twitter," Howard blasted JD for trying to enrich social media sites instead of The Howard Stern Show. He told JD that he needs to start earning his money from Twitter instead of the show. According to Howard, JD was a 'broken bird' when Howard found him, and Howard saved him from his terrible life.

JD's new moniker will be 'Judas,' because whatever hatred he has for his parents was placed on Howard. Howard said that JD needs to go to therapy to understand that he's wrongly taking out anger on Howard. Howard further said that he did something wrong to not get loyalty from JD.

After a caller told Howard that he should go easier on JD, Howard got even more incensed. Eventually, the caller agreed that he would have discussed the proposal online instead of on Twitter.

In the end, Howard asked JD for one favor: to tweet out 'I hate my boss.'

Afterward, several callers expressed shock at what JD did to Howard. One was angry that she pays for access to the show, and she missed out on the opportunity to experience the engagement. Another said that JD would show his child's birth on Periscope.

After all of this, we doubt JD will do anything like this again.

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