The Howard Stern Show: Does Beetlejuice Know His Own Name? Take The Quiz

Today on the Howard Stern show, Howard played a game starring Wack Packer Beetlejuice and his mother. Howard asked Beetlejuice's mom several questions about Beetlejuice, such as his middle name and whether he had a dog. Howard then had a caller try to guess whether or not Beetlejuice knew the answers.

So how much does Beetlejuice know about himself? Here's a quiz. For each question, guess whether Beetlejuice knows the answer. See how well you do:

Question one: Howard Stern asked Beetlejuice's mom whether he had a dog, and if so what was the dog's name. Do you think Beetlejuice knows whether or not he had a dog?

The caller thought he did, but apparently Beetlejuice was absolutely convinced that he did not have a dog. Of course, his mom explained that he did in fact have a dog, and the dog's name was Precious.

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Question two: Howard Stern asked Beetlejuice's mom what Beetlejuice's father's name was. His mother answered that his father's name was Lester. Does Beetlejuice know what his father's name was?

The caller thought he did, and it turned out he was right. Beetlejuice did know what his father's name was. It was Lester.

Question three: Howard Stern asked Beetlejuice's mom if Beetlejuice had a middle name, and what was it? Do you think Beetlejuice knows his middle name?

It turns out that Beetlejuice thinks he does have a middle name, and his middle name is Lester (which is his first name). His mom explained that Beetlejuice does not have a middle name. So Beetlejuice could not answer that question.

Question four: Howard Stern asked Beetlejuice's mom if Beetlejuice had any siblings. Does Beetlejuice know whether he has siblings?

While Beetlejuice did know that he had siblings, he did not know what siblings he has. Beetlejuice claimed that he has two brothers and three sisters. In reality, he has three sisters and one brother. The call guessed correctly that Beetlejuice would not know the answer to that.

Question five: Howard Stern asked Beetlejuice's mom what Beetlejuice is grandfather's name was.

Beetlejuice's grandfather's name was Alonzo. The caller guessed that Beetlejuice would know his grandfather's name - and he did!

So how did you do? The caller was able to win the game by properly guessing more than 50% of the questions. Did you guess correctly? If so, here's your prize:

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