Howard Stern Plays Baba Booey's MTV Audition Tape (Listen)

Today on The Howard Stern Show, Howard Stern and the gang celebrated the famous Baba Booey's -- Gary Dell'Abate's -- birthday. In celebration, Howard remembered some of his favorite movies.

Howard Stern Plays Baba Booey's MTV Audition Tape

As part of the festivities, Howard played Baba Booey's 30 year old MTV audition tape. On the tape, Baba Booey tripped and stumbled through an entire monologue. He even managed to pronounce his own last name incorrectly. And "bra."

In the audition, Baba Booey for some reason decided to discuss bras, but he didn't prepare very well, and he managed to mispronounce half of the words. You can listen to the audio below.

After playing the audition tape, Howard Stern played the comments of some of the famous original MTV VJs including Martha Quinn, who thanked Baba Booey for messing up his audition so badly that everyone else looked great after that.

Howard said that Baba Booey was the original MTV reject.

Howard Stern Plays Anonymous Comments From The Staff

Also as part of the celebration, Howard Stern had a Festivus-like airing of grievances with the staff and Gary. We already heard what Memet thinks about his co-workers the other day; now, we're hearing from some other "anonymous staffers."

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One person "anonymously" explained how they received a gift basket with bagels and lox, Baba Booey snuck home all of the lox, leaving everyone else with nothing. That was sent by Mindy Kaling.

Baba Booey says he did it because there's no way to split up lox -- Howard Stern and the rest of the crew had a field day with that.

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Howard Stern Hears Ronnie's Sex Tips

Separately on the show, Howard Stern played some hilarious sex tips from Ronnie. One of the funniest: A guy from Boston said that you should take fish oil before sex, so what comes out tastes like fish. We'll leave that one for you to ponder.

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