Howard Stern Gets a Call from Sour Shoes, Wack Packers

Sour Shoes hadn't called in to The Howard Stern Show recently, and everyone has been starting to wonder what's happening.

Well, today, Howard played a message from Sour Shoes as Bababooey. You can listen to it here:

Howard also had Ham Hands Bill on the show to talk about Joey Boots' death. Bill said that he saw Joey at the VA hospital several times this year. The last time was only a few days before Joey's death, and he had been complaining about pain.

Bill feels somewhat guilty for not having done something to help Joey.

Although he's suspended from calling to the show, Bobo (Steve from Florida) also left a message about Joey's death. He delivered a eulogy for Joey, which Howard and Robin immediately poked fun of.

Maryann from Brooklyn also called in about Joey. Howard was not happy with her suggestions.

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