Flight of the Conchords Could Be Returning In A TV Special

A few years ago, HBO aired a very funny comedy called 'Flight of the Conchords' starring New Zealanders Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement.

Even though the show had its final second season in 2009, there are hints that the show could be coming back for a one night special.

This piece of exciting news comes from Entertainment Weekly who had the chance to interview Jemaine Clement recently. You can read his clues on the show's revival down below.

We'd do something. We're going to film a little something this year.We're going to shoot an hour thing. [It is] something. That's it.

The fact that it's an "hour" thing strongly suggests it's a TV show rather than a movie.

Clement also did not deny the return of Flight of the Conchords to Entertainment Weekly so there's a chance they want to bring the show back.

The show managed to springboard the careers of Bret McKenzie, Jemaine Clement and Rhys Darby. The New Zealand trio have now been involved in several Hollywood projects due to the success of the funny show that aired on HBO.

At the end of the second season, the characters were brought back to New Zealand since it was found out they were living in New York illegally.

If this TV special happens, it's possible the trio will be back in the USA in order to try and make it big in the music industry.

The thing that made the show so popular is because they were playing total underdogs. The pair and their manager were pretty useless at promoting, but it made for a very funny TV show.

As a New Zealander myself, I would love to see the show return for this special. Hopefully if it's successful, it will convince them to film an entire third season that we never received.

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