Establishment: Trump can be as evil as he wants, just don't insult us! (Opinion)

Donald Trump's tweets insulting Morning Joe hosts Mika Brezinski and Joe Scarborough were the top story today for much of the establishment media.

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On TV, the talking heads expressed outrage about how Trump could talk about one of their own with such harsh language. But it wasn't just the talking heads -- even straight reporters were weighing in, questioning whether Trump may be unstable.

But there was something darker about this morning's coverage that showed just how out of touch the establishment media is.

Morning Joe withholds blackmail allegations until he is personally attacked

This morning, Joe and Mika appeared on Morning Joe to discuss Trump and the twitter attack. He said a lot of things that you would expect, but he also made a few outrageous statements.

In one segment, Joe claimed that Trump and The National Enquirer colluded to blackmail him (Joe) regarding a monologue Joe had done. Allegedly, the Trump administration said that unless Joe and Mika apologized to Trump for the monologue, The National Enquirer would run a damning story about Joe and Mika's private life.

So let me get this straight, Joe: you have an allegation that the President of the United States blackmailed you, and you didn't bother reporting it or telling anyone until now? You're saying that the President did something clearly impeachable, but it wasn't worth speaking about until he insulted you?

So all the kids with cancer that will lose their healthcare under Trump -- they're not important enough for Joe and Mika to speak up -- but a tweet insult is where they draw the line?

And it gets worse: Joe also claimed that a top Congressman told him that Trump had been so angry in a private meeting that he was physically scared and concerned that Trump was not sane. Yet Joe said nothing about that until now.

Apparently, Trump's sanity isn't important when he's selling arms to the Saudis, to be used to kill babies in Yemen. But once the media is tweet-insulted, that's when sanity matters.

But it's not just Joe

The sad thing is, it's not just Joe and Mika who think like this. All over the media, talking heads today are acting like this tweet is the worst thing Trump has ever done.

Trump can block Muslims from entering the country and take away environmental protections, but there's no outrage in the media. Trump can weaken the rules of engagement in the Middle East, so the number of civilians we kill goes up dramatically, but it's not done in a tweet, so it's fine.

Trump can remove poison warnings from dangerous products, or turn the government into his personal moneymaking operation, but that's okay...because he didn't insult the media.

The media has been doing some good work lately, but their belief that they are the people suffering most under Trump is absurd -- and they just don't get it.

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