Explosive: Donald Trump Tweets Suggesting That He May Have Recorded Comey Secretly

Donald Trump is now suggesting that he may have taped his conversations with Comey, and is making threats that if they are released, Comey may be in trouble. In something reminiscent of Nixon, Trump tweeted this this morning:

This is the first time since Nixon's impeachment that such a statement was publicly made by a president. It's more common for statements like this to be made in places like Russia and Africa.

Trump posted the tweet this morning after many news organizations questioned him regarding a report that Trump was lying about his conversation with Comey over dinner.

The report said that Comey was asked to meet Trump (not the other way around, as Trump claimed) -- and that Trump tried to get Comey to make a loyalty pledge to Trump. Instead, Comey's people say that he said he would always be honest.

Once Trump heard that news this morning, he went on an epic tweetstorm. Aside from the tweet above, he said this:

James Clapper recently clarified and said that he was aware of no collusion in his department. The FBI may have been aware of collusion. Also, now there are the potential issues of obstruction of justice to add to Trump's plate.

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