Donald Trump Pal Anthony Scaramucci: 'I Don't Need To Defend [Trump] On The Merits' (Watch)

Donald Trump advisor and part-time Sopranos actor (well, maybe not...) Anthony Scaramucci was on All In With Chris Hayes to debate Donald Trump and his claims today on MSNBC.

Scaramucci repeatedly tried to shift the subject during the interview, but Hayes wouldn't let him. As soon as the interview began, Scaramucci started complaining that Chris Hayes was unfairly framing the discussion. Yet he was unable to answer most of the questions Hayes posed.

Scaramucci kept returning to the assertion that Trump has great instincts. That, apparently, is all you need to be right these days -- facts be damned. Scaramucci also said Trump would wait for information before making a public statement -- although that wasn't the way Trump originally made the accusation.

Throughout the interview, Scaramucci went on about Trump's instincts, telling Hayes to give Trump a chance to "illicidate [sic] the information" about what happened. Quite a brilliant guy Trump's got there...Well, at least he probably can spell 'tap' correctly.

Hayes continued to press Scaramucci, reading several of Trump's lies, like the one about the '3 million people' who committed voter fraud. Scaramucci first tried to respond by saying that Trump's assertion may be true. But after realizing that argument would be futile, Scaramucci changed his tactic and started talking about the stock market.

Hayes then asked if Scaramucci would defend Trump's statements on their merits. In response, Scaramucci said "I don't need to defend these things on the merits..." He further suggested that if Trump's policies were good, which he insisted they were, it doesn't matter if Trump lies constantly.

Chris Hayes also Scaramucci about Trump's birther accusations. Scaramucci's response: "That's so 2011." Interestingly, he had no problem going into the past to talk about Obama's alleged wiretaps or Obama's other failures, as he sees them.

Toward the end, Scaramucci returned to Trump's 'instincts', saying that Trump is a 'great quarterback'. We'll have to see in the next few days if Trump gets the chance to 'illicidate' any information about the Obama wiretap accusation.

You can watch the interview below:

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