Did Taylor Swift and Her Crew Pull Off The Best Mannequin Challenge?

Like the rest of the entertainment world, Taylor Swift and her crew have joined the latest viral trend, the mannequin challenge. However, did they happen to pull off the best one yet?

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To have a successful mannequin challenge, it seems like you really need to up the creativity or at least have a dope setting. Swift and her crew of Martha Hunt, Todrick, Lily Donaldson, Leah McCarthy, her brother Austin and more decided to pull off their challenge at the beach. So, dope setting, check.

Swift and her crew also nailed the beat drop and displayed some funny dance moves to Rae Sremmurd's "Black Beatles," which happens to be the song that inspired the mannequin challenge. All in all they had a pretty successful mannequin challenge. That being said, we don't know if this is the best mannequin challenge so far.

We're leaning towards Ellen DeGeneres' White House mannequin challenge for the front-runner so far. You can check out Taylor Swift and her crew's mannequin challenge in the Instagram video below and let us know who has your vote for the best mannequin challenge.

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