Diane Lane Thinks The Justice League Movie Won't Be As Good As The Avengers

Even though Diane Lane is playing Martha Kent in the upcoming Justice League movie, she feels that the movie won't be as good as The Avengers film by Marvel Studios. This is interesting because she's going against what Warner Bros. would want her to say.

Diane Lane participated in a Q&A session during Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. Lane had to answer two simple questions. One was if she could provide us any spoilers for the Justice League movie and the second was if the movie is better than The Avengers. She replied with: "No and no. Short and honest. I hate to disappoint but..."

Her comments can be seen in the YouTube video below in the 1:48 minute mark. The Justice League movie in still in post production, so it's possible she hasn't seen the whole film yet. That being said, she would at least know some of the plot and story since she's filmed her parts for the movie already. It's likely Martha Kent won't have a big part considering the majority of the film focuses on the other members of the team and not Superman.

In a slightly related topic, Lane said in the same segment that it is occasionally awkward to play the role of Martha Kent because Henry Cavill is so hot. This received laughs from pretty much everyone in the audience as well as Andy Cohen himself.

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Anyway, it will be hard to top The Avengers film from 2012. That movie was the first to feature a high profile team-up from multiple comic book heroes. Not even its sequel Avengers: Age of Ultron was as good as the 2012 movie. Fans and critics alike can make up their own minds once the Justice League movie is out this November.

Update: Diane Lane's publicist has now since clarified the actress' statement. She says that Lane has not seen The Avengers yet and the "no" answers were referring to her not wanting to comment.

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