CNN Shows Trump Rally With Racist Hate Symbols "Pepe the Frog", Swastika

Today, during a CNN report on Donald Trump, the network broadcast rallygoers with two different racist hate symbols, one of which they didn't seem to notice.

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CNN Broadcasts Nazi Swastika Sign

The first was a Nazi sign with the word "media" which was directed at left at the press table. The CNN reporter holds the sign up to show to the camera.

CNN Broadcasts "Pepe the Frog" Sign

The second symbol doesn't even seem to be noticed by the CNN reporters, and instead of being directed at the media, this was a sign held up in during the actual rally.

The reason the CNN reporters didn't notice it was that they probably didn't recognize the symbol. It's "Pepe", a reference to "Pepe the Frog". "Pepe the Frog" has been designated a hate symbol by the ADL and other organizations.

Regarding "Pepe the Frog", the LA Times wrote this:

In some instances, Pepe wears a Hitler mustache, and his signature message is replaced with "Kill Jews Man." In others, Pepe poses in front of a burning World Trade Center, dressed like an Orthodox Jewish person with a yarmulke and payot. He's also been spotted wearing a Nazi soldier's uniform and in a KKK hood and robe.

In May, the Daily Beast spoke to a white supremacist who said there had been a concerted effort on the site 4chan to "reclaim Pepe" from normal people in late 2015. Pepe had gone mainstream: He's been tweeted by Katy Perry, who said she has a "Pepe file" on her computer, and has made multiple appearances on Nicki Minaj's Instagram. So the supremacist group remixed him with Nazi propaganda for a laugh.

Here's the picture that CNN broadcast of a Pepe sign:

We have blurred out the person holding the sign.