CNN Continues Putting People On To Defend Trump's Tweets After Today's Insanity

After Donald Trump tweeted out a meme (yes, he's doing that now) about physically attacking CNN, you'd expect CNN would start rethinking their absurd policy of bringing on lunatics like Jack Kingston, Kayleigh McEnany, Corey Lewandowski, and of course Jeffrey Lord.

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But it looks like they won't.

Right after Trump's unhinged post, Brian Seltzer on CNN's Reliable Sources had on a policy to discuss Trump's tweet. One of the people on the panel was another right-winger named Ben Ferguson (no, we don't know who he is either).

Ferguson insisted that Trump's tweets were totally fine, and there was no way in which they were prompting violence. He even talked about how he retweeted it.

CNN Defends Attacks on Their Own Network

In a surprising action, CNN put out a strong statement today in reference to Trump's tweets. For the first time, CNN said that the Trump administration outright lied and called it childish. This is by far the strongest condemnation of Trump's tweets by any major news organization yet.

Nevertheless, that doesn't appear to have affected CNN's policy of promoting he-said-she-said journalism.

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