Chris Evans Talks The End of His Marvel Contract and More On The Ellen Show

Chris Evans and his co-star McKenna Grace visited The Ellen Show to promote their upcoming film Gifted. During their interview Grace and Evans chatted about the film.

Meanwhile Evans, who plays Captain America in the Avengers and standalone films, chatted about the end of his Marvel contract. No more Captain America?

DeGeneres revealed that for an Esquire piece, Evans was asked to do an activity and he chose to skydive. Evans said every time they try to do these fun and entertaining pieces they always suggest something small. This time, bowling was on the table, however, Evans wanted to up the ante.

He suggested skydiving and said it was actually really fun.

Evans said you don't tell the executives where you're doing something like that. As for whether he would do it again, Evans said he was terrified and wouldn't do it again.

The host asked about Evans' contract with Marvel and he said that after he honors Avengers 3 and 4, his contract will be up. DeGeneres reminded Evans that she needed him for a movie they were doing together and hinted the name to be Jekyll.

DeGeneres is a producer on the film and asked Evans to hurry up and finish his movies so they can get started.

Evans was also joined by his 11-year-old co-star McKenna Grace who plays a young prodigy in Gifted. Grace brought her stuffed animal from the film with her and DeGeneres raved about how incredible Grace was in the film.

Grace shared how excited she was to be on the show and added that DeGeneres is actually her role model.

Together Grace and her co-star chatted about what it was like to work together and how much Grace raised for charity thanks to her swear jar on set.

You can hear all about Gifted and more from Chris Evans and McKenna Grace's interview on The Ellen Show in the videos below.

Chris Evans Talks The End of His Marvel Contract

Chris Evans and McKenna Grace Sits Down With Ellen DeGeneres

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