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Watch 'Top Gear' Mess Up And Destroy New Alfa Romeo While Trying To Drift

Now that Top Gear stars real racers -- as opposed to a bunch of uncoordinated, yet hilarious, 'wankers' -- you would think that their driving skills would be better -- kind of like the much more serious Fifth Gear. But apparently, that's not true. During recording for the latest Top Gear episode, professional race driver and new Top Gear host Chris Harris tried to slide a brand-new Alfa Romeo through a barricade with the car -sized hole in it. Unfortunately, that didn't go so well.

Andi Mack Season 1 Episode 1 Review: Teen Pregnancy, Sexuality Shockers -- On Disney??

The much anticipated new Disney series, "Andi Mack," certainly merited its own recap, especially given that this is Disney's foray into much more mature topics. How, you might ask? This might be the first time that Disney will take on teenage sexuality and even teenage pregnancy. Read on for a recap and review of the first episode.

Samurai Jack Season 5 Episode 2 Adult Swim: Review and Recap XCIII

Tonight is episode 2 (XCIII) of season 5 of Adult Swim's Samurai Jack. This season of the show comes to Cartoon Network's Toonami a decade after the original show was aired on the network. This season will finally answer all of the questions Samurai Jack fans have had over the many years, which were never resolved in the previous shows or the never-finished movie.